Recommissioning Services
Buying a car of any age is fraught with
all manner of potential problems.
We put a lot of store by the letters FSH
(Full Service History) but all that really
means is that someone has sent their
car for a service at the expected times.
It doesnt say anything about how well
the car was treated or driven in
It doesnt say anything about the quality
of the garage that looked after the car.

This may be okay for a cheap run
around but when you get a passion for
your 'hobby car' you need more.
Recommissioning a vehicle...
are all subsidiaries of
Old French Cars
“When it absolutely, positively has to be right.”
We call it 'Reversal of deferred maintenance'
We will look over the car with a critical eye, checking quality of repairs and
With our experience behind us we can even tell you how the car has been
A part of the joy of owning a classic car is working on it.
We will make up a written schedule with photographs of things that may need
your attention in order of priority.
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