Leather Interior Services
Nothing shouts luxury or opulence like
a sumptious leather interior.
In the same way nothing looks worse
than that once sumptious interor
looking worn and shabby.
Leather can become damaged in many
different ways. Scratches, scuff marks,
a faded appearance and general wear
and tear can cause leather to lose its
natural beauty.
Vehicle interiors can be especially
susceptible to damage as they are used
regularly and often more neglected
than domestic furniture.
They are also more likely to suffer
damage from car keys, clothing studs
or even the kids!

Restoring leather...
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Hide Restoration
“When it absolutely, positively has to be right.”
Trained by a retired 'Connolly' leather technician back in the early 1990s we have
worked for some of the biggest names in the automotive trade.
'Hide restoration' was chosen as the official leather restorer for 'Bristol Cars' and
were often called to the Kensington Workshop or the original factory to make
repairs and restoration for their clients.

Products have changed over the years and we hand pick the best items from
different companies to suit our needs but all our dye and finish products are based
on environmentally safe acrylic polyurethane dye system.
DIY Package...
If you prefer to DO IT YOURSELF we offer a  system fully tailoured to your own
vehicle and to suit your pocket.

It is pointless me giving you package options because every vehicle different. so all
we need are a few photographs and an idea of the structural integrity of the leather
to make an assessment; we can then provide you with a package to suit you.

To start the ball rolling please make our way to the 'CONTACT US PAGE'
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