Finding Services
Francois de La Rochefoucauld said;
"All the passions make us commit
faults; love makes us commit the most
ridiculous ones."

Buying a car of any sort is a minefield
let alone buying a classic car and
adding into the mix dealing in another
language and culture.

The excitement of clapping eyes on
your dream machine is enough to have
you reaching in haste for your wad of
Euro and repenting as you wade
through your hard earned money
putting it all right

What we do...
We do not take away the fun of the chase, the ultimate decision is all yours, we
will locate a number of vehicles, do the initial inspections to narrow down the
'Best of the bunch'
You will not have to waste time and money looking at 'lemons'
You will not have to pay 'dealer premiums'

Its a totally tailor made service to suit you
are all subsidiaries of
Old French Cars
“When it absolutely, positively has to be right.”
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We specialise in the Renault4 AKA the Quartrelle
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