About Us
Although the site is called Old FRENCH
cars it isnt LIMITED to French car
We have owned and restored all types
of classic cars for more than 25 years
and having moved to France in 2003
our passion for classic cars introduced
us to Gallic metal too.
We have close to 20 cars, in our own
personal collection. French, German
and British.

We have our personal favourites like
the Renault 4 and the venerable
Citroen DS but being members of many
French car clubs we are still able to
study the form and progress of most
french marques and models.

Where we are...
We are conveniently based in the Haute Vienne part of the Limousin area of
France which gives us a central point to be able to easily access most of France
quickly and efficiently.

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Old French Cars
“When it absolutely, positively has to be right.”
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